PC Treasurers Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Jeff Stenfors
I hit submit as well but expect to raise about 30
Jeff Stenfors
per cent
My financial institution denies our application when I can actually get it to process online.
The Zogob Family
Have you heard of parishes submitting PPP loan forgiveness app and being approved? We can submit now, but have received conflicting information as to when to apply. Many have said we should wait because they may just forgive them without application based on small size of loan.
Kristina Reynolds
Is there a fee involved from the stock donator company to do the transaction?
Gary Boyce
QCD from IRA is another great way to get donations and avoid taxation to donor for the contribution from the IRA
George P. Psefteas
1.9% for Stockdonator.com; unsure how much from traditional brokerage.
John Karas
Should also encourage parishioners to write their parish into their will. I am the executor for one parishioner, who fell asleep in The Lord. I also know of at least two other parishioners who have included our Parish in their wills.
Gary, I look forward to the day that that helps me :)
Chris Stoumbos
Another way to enable people to qualify for itemized deductions...We have a parishioner that gives Stewardship every two years at the end of the year and asks to apply half of the Stewardship donation to the following year. This larger donation puts them over the threshold for itemizing.
Jeff Stenfors
Reduced prices for MS Office require a determination letter or group status letter that we are trying to obtain as well
John Karas
As a side note, in order to get visas for our iconographers last year, customs required us to apply and get 501(c)3. They would not accept a determination letter from IRS noting we were a church and did not require us to become 501(c)3
Fr. Andrew
Our county and city health officials would never allow us to offer food to the public without permits.
Kristina Reynolds
Thank you so much! Such a great meeting with so much useful information.
George P. Psefteas
UPR Article 16, Section 3 states “real property” encumbrance requires GA approval