PC Treasurers Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
peter snarskis Saint George
If there’s ever a shortfall in pension funding regardless where the shortfall came from are you going to pass this commitment on to the parishes even if they didn’t cause it. Thank you.
peter snarskis Saint George
One more question regarding the pension shortfall, so if a parish is contributing to the TC but a shortfall occurs during the year than would a parishes total commitment change and will there be transparency of how and why the shortfall occurred and once the shortfall is met will TC go back to previous amount. Thank you.
St George
Maintaining transparency is very important.
George P. Psefteas
Peter, this question you ask is “in the details” and those will be figured out by this joint committee to be created in the coming weeks, per the recommendation of the AFC.
George P. Psefteas
I am sorry I don’t have a better answer - it’s an excellent question and I will bring it with me to the next AFC meeting and put it forward when the detailed discussions on how the benefits funding formula will work at the parish level.
St George
Good question. Thanks George for bringing it to the next AFC meeting.
peter snarskis Saint George
Ok but when parishes make there budgets and we bring it to the general assembly these questions will be asked and we as a parish council have to help them understand the why’s and the how’s thank you.
I think newly ordained young priests should have the option to select the level of risk to assume for their investment.
St George
It would be nice to have the total parish commitment to the Archdiocese by November so that it can be presented in the parish budget for general assembly 2021 budget approval.
Philippos Athanasiades
That is our goal and hope. We are aiming on end of October to beginning of November for the amounts to be released provided that all Metropolises finish their review processes soon and then the AFC convenes to issue to Metropolises their NMA for 2021
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Chris Stoumbos
I would like to confirm that all parishes that have reviewed the EIDL loan are in alignment that General Assembly approval is not required.I did review the bylaws and I am aligned that General Assembly approval is not required.
St George
I would think that General Assemblies can take place outdoors if weather permits...following CDC guidelines.
Spiro Kircos
what is the current value of the pension fund?
Walt and Anya Zmed
It was our parish. we just had a hybrid assembly. it went very well.
Nicolette Efstathiou
I recently found out that our parishes can get Zoom memberships for a discount. That was great to know since we were paying full price
George P. Psefteas
What is your parish that had the hybrid?
Walt and Anya Zmed
St Demetrios in Camarillo
St George
Share details about acquiring such a collective zoom discount. Thanks
Nicolette Efstathiou
It is on the S.F. Metropolis website. i will try to find the link before the meeting is over
Nicolette Efstathiou
zoom discount form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdJ-OeIyt2KJ4gDilyyeLi8vpITcUIir1WQd2NPfjRCC83Qzg/viewform
St George
Many thanks. God bless.
Nicolette Efstathiou
your welcome
George P. Psefteas
Addressing Spiro’s question on the value of the pension fund - as of May 31/20, $128.1 in liabilities; $62.5 in assets; $65.6 net deficit which is 49% underfunded.
Walt and Anya Zmed
Our parish considered drive through, but our county doesn’t give food permits even for drive through events. we can only do it if we don’t advertise.
Walt and Anya Zmed
* Ventura County, CA